Drugs and Society, Tenth Edition

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1:  The consumable type of alcohol that is the psychoactive ingredient in alcoholic beverages is ______.
A: Ethylene glycol
B: Isopropanol
C: Ethanol
D: Methanol

2:  As a rule, it takes ______ the number of hours as the number of drinks consumed to sober up completely.
A: half
B: twice
C: four times
D: equal

3:  Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include all of the following except ______.
A: anxiousness
B: constipation
C: whole-body tremors
D: disorientation

4:  Prolonged heavy drinking can lead to all of the following except ______.
A: increased resistance to pneumonia and other infectious diseases
B: increased likelihood of oral cancer
C: damage to brain and peripheral nervous system
D: kidney and liver damage

5:  Fetal alcohol syndrome is characterized by all of the following except ______.
A: growth retardation before and/or after birth
B: facial deformities
C: excessive weight gain
D: mental retardation

6:  Select the incorrect statement.
A: Severe alcoholism often leads to malnutrition.
B: Alcohol contains more calories per gram than fat.
C: Alcoholics derive more than 50% of their calories from alcoholic beverages.
D: Malnutrition worsens the organ damage caused by alcohol.

7:  Sometime in their lives, almost 70 percent of all Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related traffic accident.

8:  Alcohol is associated with more than 150,000 deaths each year in the United States.

9:  The liver metabolizes alcohol at a constant rate, regardless of the amount of alcohol consumed.

10:  Only some parts of the brain and nervous system are affected and can be damaged by alcohol.

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