Drugs and Society, Tenth Edition

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Chapter Title
1 Introduction to Drugs and Society
2 Explaining Drug Use and Abuse
3 Drug Use, Regulation, and the Law
4 Homeostatic Systems and Drugs
5 How and Why Drugs Work
6 CNS: Depressants: Sedatives-Hypnotics
7 Alcohol: Pharmacological Effects
8 Alcohol: A Behavioral Perspective
9 Narcotics (Opioids)
10 Stimulants
11 Tobacco
12 Hallucinogens (Psychedelics)
13 Marijuana
14 Inhalants
15 Over the Counter (OTC), Prescription, and Herbal Drugs
16 Drug Use Within Major Subcultures
17 Drug Abuse Prevention
18 Treating Drug Dependence
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