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Welcome to the companion website for Foundation Concepts for Global Community Health Promotion and Education. We are pleased to provide these online resources to support classroom education:

Students: Choose from any of the resources on the left to help you learn and review chapter material, prepare for tests, and explore topics presented in the text. The author has provided a number of activities and other resources to enhance each chapter. To easily see a list of resources available in each chapter, use the Quick Jump to Chapter dropdown menu on the left.

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Student Resources

Activities & Assignments
Additional activities and assignments have been provided for each chapter to further enhance student learning. Click on the links below to access these additional resources.

Career Concept
Career concepts provide students with a glimpse into some of the career opportunities available for health educators.

Conceptual Learning
Conceptual learning questions allow students to think critically and grasp concepts presented in each chapter.

Crossword Puzzles
These Crossword Puzzles help students review important concepts and terms from the textbook.

Did You Know?
Did You Know highlights important concepts from each chapter and encourages students to think critically about them.

Enhanced Readings
The following are a list of additional readings related to chapter topics, including journal articles and books.

These flashcards guide students through the key definitions vital to their understanding of important topics.

Interactive Glossary
With this Interactive Glossary, students have the power to search or browse all the key terms within the textbook, in three different ways: by term, alphabetically, or by chapter number.

Reflective Thinking
These Reflective Thinking questions place students in a specific scenario in which they will determine how best to address the health-related situation being described.

Review of Concepts
These review questions help students to grasp and remember important concepts from each chapter.

Thought Concept
A quick Thought Concept for each chapters encourages students to think critically and examine various aspects related to health education.

Wear the Hat...
Wear the Hat... activities provide an opportunity for students to act and think like a health inspector, Executive Director, or other health professional.

Web Links
The following are a list of reliable Web Links organized by chapter. These links can be used to research additional information on selected topics discussed in the textbook.