Multicultural Health
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Crossword Puzzles

These Crossword Puzzles will help you review important concepts and terms from your textbook. Students, fill in the crossword puzzle based on material you've studied in each chapter.

Chapter Title
  1 Introduction to Multicultural Health
  2 Cross-Cultural Concepts of Health and Illness
  3 Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  4 Religion, Rituals, and Health
  5 Multicultural Health: Legal and Ethical Impacts
  6 Health Promotion in Diverse Societies
  7 Hispanic/Latino Populations
  8 American Indians and Alaska Natives Populations
  9 African American Populations
  10 Asian American and Pacific Islander Populations
  11 Caucasian American Populations
  12 Non-Ethnic Cultures
  13 Closing the Gap: Eliminating Health Disparities

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